El Paso Foreclosures

Finding and acquiring properties that are in distress or in foreclosure can be exhilarating and yet challenging. Because the condition of a property that has been foreclosed upon can vary, securing financing, if not otherwise paying cash, can be difficult due to a concept known as lender required repairs.  While I am quite versed in finding distressed and foreclosed properties, my experience has shown that [especially] in a buyer's market, it can be easier, faster and overall more advantageous to find and purchase a property that is not in foreclosure.

However for the adventurous real estate investor or deal-minded buyer, below are some resources that will help you locate foreclosures. Be leery of sources that charge a membership fee to access a list of properties that are in foreclosure as much of their data is obsolete.

First Preston

Ocwen Financial

Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, LLP

Or, send me a note and I will glady email you a FREE list of foreclosures in the El Paso, Texas area that have an available listing status within the local Multiple Listing Service.